A Guide to Choose Clothing Fabric

All parents would agree that it’s a task to maintain children’s clothes. All the chocolates and cookies that they snack on inevitably leave their mark on their pretty dress. Moreover, the sensitive skin of the tiny tots may be affected by certain fabrics and textures. That’s why I’ve come up with a few simple tips to… Read More »

Colors of Christmas clothing gifts

A little poor Linda girl lives with blind grandmother who is an embroiderer of smocked accessories. On Christmas season, Linda helped her grandma to select colors of each thread to match Christmas hues. Then she went around streets to sell hand-made Christmas ornament balls. The balls made of fabric do not sparkle under light but… Read More »

Tips to choose winter clothing for kids

To prepare for chilly winter days, you should have some new ideas earlier than the time of falling leaves. Selecting to keep kids warm, nice and comfortable with stylish winter outfits is a must. Below are some recommendations for moms: 1. Adding many layers When kids are outside, you should wrap them with many layers… Read More »

Winter Coat

A story for parents to aware of their caring and love toward their kids: Once upon a time, in a kingdom, a queen rarely took care of her daughter by herself, she often had babysitters to look after her baby.  The little princess was 3 years old and always got sick when winter came. All doctors said she… Read More »

Let Santa Clause stay more…

Santa Clause and children had wonderful days together. After Xmas Days, they have to do farewell. Kids are very sad and wish if any solution to Santa stay more. The only way is to make a large number of garments for Santa Clause for 3 days. A kid tried to collect fabrics from many different… Read More »

Adore childhood with smocked dresses

A little girl Mila in a poor family was very fond of a smocked dress that was shown in a clothing boutique. Everyday she came to the shop only to look at the dress for a while. The dress was too luxurious and expensive for a poor kid. Mila thought even if she have enough… Read More »