Winter Coat

A story for parents to aware of their caring and love toward their kids: Once upon a time, in a kingdom, a queen rarely took care of her daughter by herself, she often had babysitters to look after her baby.  The little princess was 3 years old and always got sick when winter came. All doctors said she… Read More »

Let Santa Clause stay more…

Santa Clause and children had wonderful days together. After Xmas Days, they have to do farewell. Kids are very sad and wish if any solution to Santa stay more. The only way is to make a large number of garments for Santa Clause for 3 days. A kid tried to collect fabrics from many different… Read More »

Adore childhood with smocked dresses

A little girl Mila in a poor family was very fond of a smocked dress that was shown in a clothing boutique. Everyday she came to the shop only to look at the dress for a while. The dress was too luxurious and expensive for a poor kid. Mila thought even if she have enough… Read More »

Values of happiness together with online business

A success story of a mother in gaining family happiness and opening online clothing boutique: It is Rose, an office manager who was too busy with jobs that she did not have time to take care of housework. She rented a baby-sitter to look after her baby and home stuff. Her husband was very sad… Read More »

Giving and Taking Xmas Gifts

Beautiful girl snowman outfits – BB1602 Feature: Beautiful girl snowman outfits with applique of snowman at the side, long sleeves, three ruffles on pants.  Fabric: +Top: Mint plain knit             +Bottom: Mint polka dot knit fabric Christmas themed smocked dress with long sleeve – BB1648 Feature: Adorable smocked dress with reindeer… Read More »

Dressing Your Baby for Winter

Pinky angel flower Trench coat – CT 18 Your baby girl can be keep warm by Babeeni trench coat. With a detachable collar and fabric cover buttons together with pocket and lining, our baby is like an angel in pink trench coat Material : 100% cotton Outer: Pink Wool Fabric Lining: Blue with pink floral fabric F28… Read More »