Adore childhood with smocked dresses

A little girl Mila in a poor family was very fond of a smocked dress that was shown in a clothing boutique. Everyday she came to the shop only to look at the dress for a while. The dress was too luxurious and expensive for a poor kid. Mila thought even if she have enough to buy it, it is not suitable to wear for her circumstance, it fits to lavish places.

She told her friend aboụt this. The friend said: “Forget to possess this dress. First you need gain confidence before wearing it. Confident about your pocket and about your appearance. Let’s keep image of this desired dress as a motivation to earn money and take care of yourself. Also, why don’t you make it by your hands, instead of buying it?”

Following that advice, Mila tried to work hard and learnt how to sew and embroider on clothes. She found out more things about a dress rather than a finished products. It is the very patience and love that tailors who can sit for tens of hours to use needles, embroider patterns, thread each sewing lines on fabric thoroughly by hands. And Mila also tried to follow them.

Eventually after 5 years, she became a rich and skillful tailor. Backing to the  clothing shop where she had ever desired about the smocked dress, Mila took her daughters to come in. Then, she felt confident to choose the dresses that her daughters love. She told them about her previous story so the little girls can  appreciate what they are wearing. Mila also often joins charity activities to donate clothes to the poor kids as well as inspire on hand-embroidery craft.

From the inspiring story, Babeeni also wishes to make the best beautiful children clothing at the reasonable prices for every kid so they can get more chances to dress up and beautify their childhood whatever they are in any circumstance.   

Now let’s see some hand-smocked designs by Babeeni so as to adore your baby’s childhood moments:

Sailboat hand smocked girl outfit – BB1523

Feature: Pretty outfit for little girl with sailboat, anchor, light house and ship wheel hand smocked patterns, scallop bottom.

Fabric: +Top: Lighthouse, anchor and sailboat printed fabric

             +Bottom: Red pique plain

Cotton flower smocked seersucker boy shortall – BB1677

Feature: Cute smocked shortall for little boy with hand-smocked patterns on the bodice. Suitable to wear in cool weather. Easy to mix with shirt or T-shirt.

Fabric: light brown seersucker

Flower geometric smocked bishop dress – BB1550

Feature: Gorgeous smocked bishop dress for little girl with tiny flower hand embroidery on geometric smocked patterns around the neck, angel wing sleeves.

Fabric: White with tiny blue dot knit

Fruit smocked bubble romper – BB1488

Feature: Lovely bubble romper for baby girl in spring summer with fruit and juice hand smocked patterns on the round neck, sleeveless.

Fabric: Lime green quatrefoil

Cupcake embroidery and french knot boy romper – BC 474

Boys romper with small cupcake embroidery and french knot pattern on the chest, buttons at crotch for easy dressing

Fancy flower embroidery dress for little girl – DR 3010

Fancy flower embroidery dress for little girl with hand embroidery of flower, laces on sleeves & pin tuck technique on the chest.