How to Choose Best Spring-Summer Smocked Dress 2018

How to Choose Best Spring-Summer Smocked Dress 2018

One of the best things, when you have a little girl is the fun of dressing her in beautiful dress, clothes, and accessories. In the spring-summer season, it always is a good idea to dress your little princess with stunning and elegant Spring-Summer smocked dress. Some parents might get confused with too expensive hand-made clothes, while others get lost when looking for the outstanding clothes for their angles.

However, there is some simple rule that makes thing easier to choose the best spring-summer smocked dress. In this article, we will give you some helpful information that based on our own experience.

Net embroidery Dress for Baby Girl

Fabric Material of the Smocked Dress

It is important to define the main purpose of buying the smocked dress for your girl. The parent may consider comfort over other factors. The smocked dress which is made from rough and stiff fabric material can affect your girl’s delicate skin. It is also not comfortable when your little girl has to wear the tight and itchy smocked dress.

The recommended fabric could be the soft, breathable and elastic cotton. Cotton smocked dresses are fun, dynamic and perfect for the spring and summer months. Most manufacturing smocked clothes company used the cotton fabric for their dresses. For an instant, Babeeni-the popular manufacturing smocked clothes has most of their dress made from 90% cotton.


There are lots of outdoor activities and festival that your kid loves to participate in spring-summer months. Therefore, a larger size smocked dress will be preferred. It makes things easier for children when running, jumping and dancing. Some brand offer size chat related to, based on your little angel weight and height.

How to Choose the Smocked Dress Design

Adorable Cinderella smocked Tulip dress

Spring summer smocked dress has a variety of design such as A-line dress, smocked bishop dress, or geometric smocked dress or smocked bubble. If you want to look for a traditional and high-class dress with the complexity of smocked patterns, a geometric dress which had been popular in royal family should be the first choice.

However, there is still some high-quality hand-made bishop and bubble smocked dress with timeless design. When they little growing up and looking back at their picture taken with the smocked dress they will not be disappointed. A dress is only beautiful and attractive if your little girl loves it and willing to dress it.

Cute ballet shoe dress

Besides, spring summer smocked dress come in wide range collar and sleeves design. It can be the round collar, high collar, V-collar or even no collar. The sleeves design is a variety of short sleeves, angle sleeves to sleeveless. You should pay attention to children’s characteristics and their preference.

What Are Smocked Patterns in Spring Summer?

Everyone knows that spring is the time for a vigorous change. And nothing is so beautiful as summer, summer wakes us nurtures us and revitalizes us. When looking for smocked patterns in the spring-summer months, a parent might seek for cute animals, sea creatures, fruit, plant, and ice-cream.

The smocked pattern involves the use of closely and complicated needlework. Depend on the smocked fabric material, color, and smocked sewing technique. Shadow and Net Embroidery smocked patterns are both gorgeous hand-made pieces of art.

Spring summer is the time of the year when you are free to dress kid clothing in lively colors. In spring, bright colors such as yellow, pink and white or blue, green, are all fun colors. You also choose some neutral color for baby to easily mix with other clothes. Children will look so adorable and fresh!

Nice blue smocked girl dress

Choose What Your Sweeties Want to Dress

It’s always a good choice to bring your kids together when shopping for their smocked dress if possible. Sometimes, parents can’t understand children’s thought because of the difference between each generation. Parent love some kind of smocked dress and buy for their kid, but it turns out their child doesn’t like it much. They just wear it to make their parent happy.

 In addition, if a parent decides to buy kid clothes without asking chid approval, she may directly refuse to wear it. To avoid conflict with your own girl when choosing a smocked dress, parents can try to discuss with children about color and style of clothes she loves. That might be a great chance for you to building the relationship with your sweeties as well as choose the best clothing.

However, keep in mind that in the summertime, the weather could change vastly from hot and sunny to windy, cold, and rainy. Thus, you can choose some full-cover smocked dress in the cold and rainy day as well as the sunny day.

PS: All our dresses collections are all hand-made smocked and embroidered which is follow a traditional style. You may want to know the smocked dress trending and new design on this 2018 year!!