Let Santa Clause stay more…

Santa Clause and children had wonderful days together. After Xmas Days, they have to do farewell. Kids are very sad and wish if any solution to Santa stay more. The only way is to make a large number of garments for Santa Clause for 3 days. A kid tried to collect fabrics from many different areas. The little girls and boys gather to support tailors to sew outfits.  

They also study to use needles and embroider to speed up the process. Finally, all are finished by deadline. Kids bring to Santa Clause and said “You always give us gifts every year, but we have never given you anything. So, this occasion for us show our love to you. Stay with us more. Merry Xmas!”.

Santa Clause was very moved by kids’ enthusiasm, he decided to stay for longer. However, it means he will be punished on Heaven. It doesn’t matter because he enjoy love and warmth of kids around instead. Santa Clause told kids: “Thank all of you. I am a lucky old man to receive your gifts. These dresses warm even my heart and prevent me from any fear or danger. I believe all you also will receive good luck and from the very hearts of yours.”

It is true that true Xmas gifts are given, taken and made by good hearts.

Now let’s have a look at Christmas dresses by Babeeni, which are also made by hearts toward children.

Lovely Christmas tree shadow embroidery dress – DR 2549

Feature: Nice shadow embroidery dress for little girl with Christmas tree hand embroidery pattern in the middle, long sleeves, round neck, back buttons

Nice reindeer applique clothing set for boy – BC 740

Feature: Nice applique clothing for little boy on Christmas with reindeer applique pattern on the middle of the long sleeve top, round neck, long pants, red back pocket.

Lovely applique reversible longall for Xmas – BC 742

Feature: Nice applique reversible longall for little boy on Christmas with Christmas tree car applique pattern in one side and snowman applique pattern on the other side. 

Lovely reindeer smocked bubble for girl – DR 2541

Feature: Lovely hand smocked long bubble for baby girl in Christmas with reindeer hand smocked patterns on the neck, short sleeves, back buttons

Cute Santa Claus and reindeer smocked girl dress for Christmas – DR 2302

Feature: Beautiful smocked dress is adorned with Santa Claus and three reindeers hand smocked pattern on the chest, medium length, round collar.

Pretty reindeer hand smocked dress for girls – DR 2291

Feature: Nice hand smocked dress for little girls with reindeer smocked pattern on the body, short sleeves, ribbon at the back for easy dressing.

Cute gingerbread applique peasant dress for girls – DR 2010

Feature:  A lovely green corduroy peasant dress for baby girls with gingerbread appliqued pattern at bottom, ruffles at the wrist

Snowman Applique dress (no shirt) – DR 862

Feature:  Lovely A-line dress for baby girls on Xmas day (no shirt) with snowman applique on the chest, sleeveless

X-mas tree applique A-line dress (no shirt) – DR 857

Feature: A-line dress with X-mas tree applique (no shirt) with pine tree pattern on the chest, sleeveless