Ribbon Embroidery-So easy to make A Xmas gift!

In spirit of Christmas, do you have any idea to cherish your kid’s Xmas Day?

A Xmas gift for kids is always special if it is specially made by your hands and heart.

It is why a leg-disabled mother could make her son so excited with hand embroidered Xmas decorations. With ribbons, she stitched patterns on the baby clothings lively. She showed the son a Xmas tree embroidered on his T-shirt and said: “I am not able to walk to bring you a fresh pine tree, but I think this handmade tree is fresh enough to accompany with you forever. You see, the pine is a brave tree. Despite the rough winter, it always keep green and beautiful.”  The son kept these words in his mind. And he has overcome all ups and downs to keep his life ever green.    

Actions by heart tend to impress strongly in kid’s heart and memory at most.

It is the reason that hand made gifts by heart attract kids at most.

It is also a reason that Babeeni focuses on hand embroidered garments.

Each sewing needle is made by skillful craftsmen’s love toward kids.

Let’s experience ribbon embroidery to make an evergreen Christmas tree for your sweet baby!.

Step 1: Prepare for a T-shirt, needles, it’s most important to have a sharp point and a large eye; Frame to embroider, thread rolls, pencil, scissors.

Threading your needle for silk ribbon embroidery is a little different than with other types of embroidery, and getting it started is important.

Step 2: Draw a Xmas tree

Step 3: Put the frame fixedly.

Step 4: Stitch on the surface of the fabric along drawing lines.

After a few stitches are in place, use a single strand of embroidery floss in a color that matches your ribbon. Take care that the stitches don’t show on the front.

Step 5: Pull out the ribbon carefully.

The ribbon allows you to stitch very lifelike florals. 

A floral Xmas tree evergreen Done!