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Some designs of geometric smocked dress

Geometric smocked dress is one of the main products of Babeenioverstock. It is a good choice for you to choose for your cute girls since it’s both simple and beautiful. I’m very excited to introduce some designs of smocked dress with geometry pattern. Let’s read and have a wise choice. The prominent points of geometric… Read More »

What are ten tips for washing baby smocked clothing? (part 4)

Washing baby smocked clothing is not simple in the mind of busy mothers. So mothers should refer this blog to continue knowing more about useful tips for washing baby clothes. 6. Soap type for baby smocked clothes: You should remember that you should use both hand washing and machine during the first months, a special… Read More »

International laundry care symbols for baby smocked dresses (part 3)

Are there some other international laundry care symbols for baby smocked dresses? What are they? Continue reading part 3 and know about this issue! How to dry smocked infant clothing symbols Overdrying is one of the harshest things we have to face in our laundry process. It may destroy your girls smocked dresses, boys smocked… Read More »

International laundry care Symbols for baby smocked dresses (part 2)

Continue reading this part of my post and know the basic symbols for laundry care of baby smocked dresses! The international community uses basic symbols for washing, drying, bleaching, ironing and dry cleaning baby smocked clothes daily. Once you learn the basic shapes, interpreting the rest is pretty simple in caring for baby clothes correctly.… Read More »

International laundry care Symbols for baby smocked dresses (part 1)

Do you know about how to wash, bleach, dry, iron and dry clean baby smocked dresses symbols? In this post, I will give you some information about these items to help you care for baby clothes better. The laundry care symbols on baby smocked clothing and linen labels will provide important information on how to… Read More »