Meanings of some typical halloween symbols in children smocked outfits

Halloween is outside and we are being overwhelmed with all the standard Halloween decorations and symbols – carved pumpkins, spider, black cat, etc. These symbols have been used by Babeeni’s design team to create various breathtakingly smocked outfits for our adorable children. However, have you ever wondered about the origin of these “Halloween representatives”? Let’s enjoy our Halloween Collection while learning about some interesting fact related to Halloween typical symbols.

  • The colour Orange and Black

Orange and Black are without a doubt the two traditionally typical colors on Halloween occasion. The orange represents autumn and harvest season when leaves change their “outfit” colors and pumpkins turn ripe for picking. In addition, along with brown and gold, orange is a symbol of strength and endurance while black is the color of darkness and death indicating that Halloween marks the boundaries between life and death. These two time-honored colors have a certain impact on the choice of colors for children’s smocked outfit throughout the festival time.  Sales for costume in black and orange fabric often accelerate during the holiday season.

Black and Orange are the two typical colors for children outfit on Halloween

Black and Orange are the two typical colors for children outfit on Halloween

  •  Pumpkins and Jack O’ lanterns

The legend is about an Irishman named Stingy Jack who was drunk and managed to make both God and Devil angry. As a result, when he died, neither heaven nor hell wanted him, so he was stuck wandering on the earth carrying a turnip being hollowed out with a candle inside to light his way. Over time, pumpkin was replaced turnip and become a traditional symbol for Halloween. Nowadays, people carve pumpkins lighting by candles inside with a belief that this can help to keep Jack away their houses. For Halloween kid wears, it would be a big missing in the wardrobe without the existence of items with graphical details of the Jack O’lanterns. Similarly, smocked outfits specially designed for Halloween are often featured with this figure being hand-embroidered on the bodice.

Jack O’lanterns are symbolic patterns on Halloween season

The images of Jack O’lanterns are meticulously hand-embroidered on smocked patterns

  • Spiders

Spider is an indispensable creature appearing in any occasion during the Halloween time. Just go to a Halloween party and then you will see fake or even real spiders and spider webs decorated all over the place. The image of a spider weaving or spinning webs often evokes the feeling of time passing over or slipping away which also indicate the life and fate. In other words, it is a great representation of life cycle. In addition, spiders love dust and dark places which are the reason why they often appear in corners or in an old dark abandoned house. As a result, not surprisingly, details of spiders have often embroidered on fabrics of children smocked clothings during Halloween.

Spider is a common symbol on Halloween baby smocked clothes

Spider is a common symbol of Halloween which inspires many clothing designs for children

  • Black cats and witches

According to the ancient Celtic religion, cats have reincarnated the human souls and are able to see the future. Also, it was thought that witches could transform into black cats after death. Nowadays, black cat superstitions still exist in many places linking with a bad luck and curses to human. However, in regions such as Ireland, black cats serve a symbol of luck and affluence. Whatever it represents, designers of Halloween’s children smocked outfits use black cat with their green eyes as a Halloween symbol, both alongside witches and independently, to add a frightful to the unnerving ambiance.

Threatening black cats and witches on Halloween smocked outfits

Threatening black cats and witches on Halloween smocked outfits



There are still various common symbols that have been embedded in Halloween occasion. Dressing up your children in costumes featured with these symbols accelerates their happiness, excite and interest toward the holiday season which also adds more memorable moments to their childhood.