Values of happiness together with online business

A success story of a mother in gaining family happiness and opening online clothing boutique:

It is Rose, an office manager who was too busy with jobs that she did not have time to take care of housework. She rented a baby-sitter to look after her baby and home stuff. Her husband was very sad and often conflicted with her that she valued her career more than family happiness. He wanted Rose to take off job but she never agreed.  

One day, Rose was sick seriously. During staying at home, Rose got depressed to think herself useless. The old baby-sitter taught her how to embroider by hands. Her 3-year baby was very fond of wearing clothes with embroidered patterns made by his mother. Rose gradually got out of depression feelings.

To get income during staying at home, she had an idea to open an online kids clothing boutique.  She studied fashion trends and favorite designs especially such as favorite hand-smocked clothing. Then, she contacted directly with children clothing manufacturers to get supply at factory price. At the same, simply Rose set up fanpages on facebook and instagram to sell products online and took her baby as a photo model. She received more and more  orders while she still had enough time to stay close with baby all time. Online customers became her friends. They shared with each other family and baby love and together save moments of children in nice clothing. Rose’s health recovered after some months. But she did not back to office and decide to stay home to take care of her family, do embroidery by hands and develop online clothing boutique.

Rose said to her husband : “I realized it is important to spend time for my beloved as the first priority”. His husband smiled: “Yes darling. When you understand values of family, other values will follow you. Now you become not only a wonderful housewife but a successful salesman in online business”    

In the tough situation of Coronavirus crisis, “Work online” is a smart choice to earn money for not only mommies like Rose but also for all those who are ready to cope with difficulties of unemployment caused by Covid-19 and make money on right path of 4.0 technology era.      

If you are ready to join e-commerce games, let’s try have a look over some kids clothing products by Babeeni – a garments manufacturer and brainstorm an idea to start up an online clothing boutique now:  

Nice geometric and daisy smocked floral dress – DR 2528

Nice flower smocked bishop dress in floral fabric – DR 2529

Nice smocked bishop floral dress with pink geometric and flower hand smocked patterns around the neck, short sleeves, back buttons

Adorable baby girl hand smocked mallards dress -DR 3058

With the geometric smocked patterns on a dog and a mallard and puff sleeves, the dress makes little girls graceful like a cute angel of fall-winter season

Multi-colored mommy & baby legging – MM 89

The leggings for mommy and baby is sparkling with the multi-colored flowers of fabric

Rhythm of Western Horse Girl Dress- DR 2951

Pretty dress for the little girl with horse applique patterns, short sleeves, back buttons and lovely ruffle at the bottom

Girl Happy Horse Ruffle Applique Dress- DR 2958

Pretty dress for the little girl with Horse applique patterns, short sleeves, back buttons and lovely ruffle at the bottom