Winter Coat

A story for parents to aware of their caring and love toward their kids: Once upon a time, in a kingdom, a queen rarely took care of her daughter by herself, she often had babysitters to look after her baby. 

The little princess was 3 years old and always got sick when winter came. All doctors said she had a chronic disease that is unable to treat. Then, the queen did not think so, she still tried to find a therapy. 

One day, in a dream a fairy said to the queen that only she by herself need go through a forest and seek a seeds of a cotton and then take cotton fibers to make a coat to warm up and heal her daughter.    

Then, the queen left the kingdom, travel alone through valleys and tree forests despite of cold weather and snow. Eventually, she met a white hill of cotton. She brought seeds of cotton back home and plant, learn to weave into fabric, and sew a quilted coat. The winter arrived, she got the little princess dressed with the hand-made coat. As what the fairy said in the dream, her daughter did not get any cold, she was healthy during chilly days. People said it was a miracle but the queen believe that any mother also can make such a miracle. Only with love and sacrifice for her baby, any mother can do all best for kids.

Nowadays, kids clothing designers also use cotton to make quilted coats. And hand-embroidery patterns on the coat also shows more tender for children.  Let’s have a look at the latest kids coat designs by kids clothing manufacturer Babeeni, with embellishments made by hands and love of a mother:

Red Christmas Tree Quited Coat for baby boys – QC 84 

Feature:  Pretty quilted coat for little boys with the Xmas Tree embroidery pattern on pocket. Button for easy dressing. 

Material:  Red pique plain + red, green and white plaid fabric

Quilted Pumpkin Children Coat – QC 83

Feature:  Lovely quilted coat for toddler with pumpkin hand-embroidery pattern, front double buttons line for easy dressing

Material:  Mint pique plain + Brown, orange and lime green plaid fabric

Adorable Red Cross Quilted Dress for little girl- QC 81

Feature:  Stunning Red Cross quilted dress for a little girl with the green cross pattern on the chest. Laces are added on the bottom. 

Material:  Red  pique plain + Multi Color Dot Fabric

Fleur Rose pink girl quilted vest- DR 2870

Feature: A very adorable pink quilted vest for girl featured with Rose printed fabric, button on the front.

Material: Pink pique plain & Romantic pink rose

Cute Toddler Quilted Jacket – QC 79

Feature:  Quilted jacket for babies with duck embroidery pattern, front buttons for easy dressing

Material:  Brown Plain + White Pique Plain + Blue, white and black plaid fabric

Cute quilted red girls jacket – QC 78

Feature:  Pretty girls quilted jacket with Christmas trees embroidery pattern, front buttons

Material:  Red pique plain + red, green and white plaid fabric

Long sleeve pumpkin quilted boy coat – QC 75 

Feature:  Delightful quilted coat for little boy with pumpkin hand embroidery pattern on the chest. Long sleeves. Buttons up. 

Material:  Mint pique plain + Brown, orange and lime green plaid fabric

Elegant red quilted poncho for little girl – QC 66 

Feature: Nice red quilted poncho for the little girl with the red quilted pattern, ruffle and lace on the middle.  The Multicolour ribbon on the chest, ruffles are added. 

Material:  Red pique plain + Multi colour polka dot Fabric

Delightful Holly Quilted Dress for little girl- QC 61

Feature:  Gorgeous Holly quilted dress for the little girl- with the Holly Flowers machine embroidery pattern on the chest. Button for easy dressing., pockets are added.